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We offer comprehensive customs clearance
and logistics services.

As customs brokerage and compliance experts, we can help clear your cargo regardless of the commodity through the import process. Whether you are importing basic consumer goods or more complex, medical equipment and supplies, we provide the expertise to keep your cargo moving.

Customs Brokerage

Our licensed, compliance-focused experts that’s been successfully providing customs brokerage and Foreign Trade Consultancy services throughout Turkey, as a basis of the Customs Law No. 445, ensuring you always have access to knowledgeable resources adept in industry best-practices. We’ve built our reputation on providing customized, efficient and detailed customs clearance services with transparency that ensures our partnership endures for the future.

Legislation Information

Customs and Foreign Trade Legislation, which is constantly updating according to today's economic conditions, is followed continuously by our company's consultants. In this direction, we offer our partners with the necessary data for the solution of numerous potential problems and provide a chance to implement the most accurate process according to both the cost calculations and the legislation. In the process of informing about the legislation, processes made in the past are also reported and compared with the changing legislation provisions.


Your importing people are probably as knowledgeable about Turkey customs regulations as your finance people are about tax regulations. Annually, you bring in an outside accounting firm to perform an audit. This is not because your staff is incompetent, but because in finance, as in customs, it is prudent to have an outside expert analyze your systems and your work. You need an expert who can verify that you are complying with all customs regulations. An expert that has extensive experience working with both companies like yours and customs. An expert like us.

Project Consultancy

In addition to providing services for the preparation and finalization of the necessary documents such as preliminary permission, permission, license, guarantee, control certificate, report, conformity, approval certificates to be obtained from the relevant institutions and organizations for import, export and other foreign trade transactions, we offer consulting services with our experience in planning and cost analysis in all stages of a foreign trade operations at the same time.


We offer fast, reliable and comprehensive warehouse services with our experienced team and logistic equipment capacity for all your import, transit, export and transfers. Within the framework of the warehouse regime provisions determined in accordance with Turkish Customs Legislation, we provide solutions that are appropriate to customer demands and goods needs and specifications. Thanks to our special equipment and certifications, we can meet a wide variety of warehousing/storage requests.

Transportation Insurance

It guarantees the damages that may occur during the collision, collision, fire, explosion, loading, transfer and unloading of the goods transported by highway, airway and sea transfer within the conditions of the policy. Optionally, it supplies a guarantee against waiting for the deposit, transfers guarantee, start shipment, end shipment and war strike assurance.

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